Primos Truth Cam 46 Review

Primos Truth Cam 46 Review

“Its simple to use”, is the axiom in play with all Primos Truth Cams. They take their catch phrase seriously and with the Primos Truth Cam 46, there aren’t many confusing settings to deal with as it automatically chooses between night and day settings to trigger the infrared LED trail camera.

Using a total of 46 infrared LEDs, the night camera captures stunning visuals of the wildlife in pitch darkness, without ever alerting the game. Depending on how many LEDs you keep active (More the LEDs lesser the battery life), you can decide on the camera range with a maximum limitation of 50 foot. Trigger speed when coming out of sleep is a decent 1.5 second and in the active state it cuts down to just third of a second.

You can set the camera to 1 or 30 minute intervals and decide whether to click multi-bursts of 3, 5, 7 or even 9 images at a go. With the LED backlit screen and instructions neatly printed on the camera door you will never have to fumble around in the dark trying to set it up. The Primos Truth Cam 46 is camouflaged to blend well into the woods and can take up to 8GB SD card.

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Our Review:

Having used a few older generation infrared trail cameras, I had become acquainted to the limited field of vision and lack of configurability until I got the Primos Truth Cam 46. The Matrix camo finish is excellent and it actually does blend into its surroundings when fitted onto a tree or hung using the included hook strap. 46 LEDs provide sufficient range and illumination in the infrared region to capture some of the most spectacular night images with bucks and other game hardly aware of its presence. However, any animal that strays within 2 feet of the camera tends to notice its faint click but its not always, and so I hardly saw too many wasted pictures of alert animals skipping away. Now the Primos Turth Cam 46 batteries, once fully charged actually go on for over a week taking pictures with date, time, temperature, moon phase data in accordance with the preset configuration you set. Usually, it remains in sleep and wakes up every few minutes to take a click or two depending on what you set it to. In the burst mode, this camera does an excellent job. I captured a whole sequence of migrating birds in the background with a deer grazing lazily in full focus and every shot showed specific changes in details of both the flocking birds and the deer. This night/day camera is astonishingly clear and capable of taking high quality shots. Just don’t go by the hook strap they give you because its kind of cheaply made so it will be better if you think of securing it to the trunk using commercial grade mounting accessories.

Features and Specifications:

  • Camouflaged fatigues to ward away thieves and stay concealed from nearby animals.
  • Auto day/night infrared camera that has a total of 46 LED trail infrared lights.
  • Maximum night time range up to 50 feet.
  • Rechargeable batteries last over a week between charges and maybe more depending on number of infrared LEDs active.
  • 0.3 second shutter speed when active and 1.5 second when waking up from sleep.
  • Printed instructions on the door and bright LED backlit screen.
  • Maximum capacity up to 8GB SD cards.
  • Warranty coverage for 1 year inclusive.


The Primos Truth Cam 46 is priced as an introductory trail camera with plenty of features to keep wildlife aficionados and game lovers equally happy. Plenty of clarity, both in the day and night, make this an excellent camera to have on your massive property, be it to capture wild life at move or keep an eye on any vermin pestering around. It actually is easy to use and designed ruggedly to sustain any kind of weather, so that you can be sure of your investment when you choose the Primos Truth Cam 46.

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