Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $50

As per the general surveys, the professionals succeeded in concluding that a gamer tends to spend close to 10 hours in average gaming. You might find it quite weird but is not unusual at all, especially when video gaming time slips by too fast. It’s the same science with intense gamers and enthusiasts since they spend more than 12 hours in a day gaming every day.

It’s however debatable with people arguing that is not any good, but as the saying goes if you can’t change a habit you need to change the stuff. Considerably, a gaming fan should always use the top-quality chair that will keep them healthy and prevent any back pains. It is a fact with conditions that people think quality gaming chairs are quite expensive.

But to solve the problems of low-budget people, we came up with some of the best cheap gaming chairs under $50 with a computer chair as well. After thorough research, the team handpicked top quality but with a lower cost. Let’s get straight into it:

Top Five Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $50

#1.  Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker

Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker


  • Material: Vinyl, faux leather
  • Colour: Blue and Black
  • Measurements: H 32” × W 16” × D 21.5.”
  • Seat Depth and Height: 16 inches and 6 Inches


Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker is a cheap but quality gaming chair with an ergonomic design and a great stylish blend. The feature not only makes it stylish and versatile when it comes to decorating your room but also its padded seat and backrest make it super comfortable.

You can also use this attractive and versatile rocker chair in any room for relaxing, gaming, watching TV, and even reading. The ergonomic and modern chair style is crafted with a wooden frame and polyurethane padding foam for ultimate support and comfort.

The gaming chair is stable and durable since it features a heavy-duty frame but still looks beautiful with the bold mesh racing stripe brogues. It additionally has an exquisite blend of modernized style and classic rocker design. If you are a female gamer, you will love sitting in this chair, even when wearing one of your best minimizer bras.

Extra Features:

  • It comes assembled fully
  • It’s suitable for children between 3 years and above
  • It comes in different colour options


  • Lightweight chair with an attractive design
  • High-quality material is easy to maintain
  • Durable and stable wood frame
  • The gaming chair is versatile as you can use for different activities including video gaming and watching TV


  • The chair is not ideal for adults
  • The chemical smell from the factory takes time to clear out on new chairs

#2.  Extreme X Rocker

Extreme X Rocker


  • Measurements: 7 × 16.2 × 12.3
  • Material: Polyester and Polyester blend
  • Weight: 18.89 pounds

Extreme X Rocker is another ideal addition to your seating solutions for different floor activities since it has everything you are looking for in any gaming chair. The rocking gamer chair has all the special features you will need, especially when the game is intense.


The chair is also ergonomically designed with overall padded areas and back support. With a long-lasting and stable frame, the rocker chair is covered with a blend of mesh and polyester to maximize the content of durability and comfort simultaneously.

Also, the rocker chair is crafted small enough to move around comfortably. The foldable feature makes it quite easy to carry around.

There’s a control panel around the seating area to control the speaker’s bass and volume which are incorporated besides the headrest area. What’s more, the chair features an alternative RCA cable in case of usage. You can easily game in this chair while wearing one of your best bralettes.

Extra Features:

  • Great PS4 chair
  • It’s suitable for children three years and above
  • It’s pre-assembled


  • High-quality in-built speakers
  • The chair easily rocks back
  • It’s portable and compact enough as it folds to storage
  • It features a jack and a control panel for easy handling of audio and connection


  • The rocker chair has no padding on the headrest and seat

#3.  AHD Floor Gaming Chair

AHD Floor Gaming Chair


  • A limited one-year warranty
  • Colour: Grey
  • Measurements: 49 × 49 × 49cm
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.


A newer type but simple sofa gaming chair, AHD Floor Gaming Chair does fold and has some amazing features. It is however crafted and designed for both children and adults, and it can easily stand up with 300 lbs. weight.

If you want comfort in a new style, then this adjustable gaming chair is what you need. The floor folding chair allows you to adjust at least six backrest angle positions with both the lock mechanism.

You can take on several activities and tasks, including watching TV, gaming, napping, resting, and reading. Besides, this chair also features eight lattices in a one colour design with some soft brushed fabric covering with a zipper which helps in easy maintenance.

Extra Features:

  • Adjustable gaming chair and ideal sofa
  • The cover is a soft-brushed polyester with zipper


  • The gaming chair is on a sofa design
  • You can comfortably adjust the backrest in six different positions with the lock mechanism
  • Its cover is removable with a zipper for easy cleaning and maintenance, portable long-lasting sofa chair


  • Not ideal for people who are beyond 6 inches

#4.  Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker

Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker


  • Measurements: 24 × 16 × 32 inches
  • Assembled Height: 32 inches
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Assembled Length: 24 inches


Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker is among the best gaming chairs under $ 50. So, if you are looking for a gaming chair with faux leather, then this would be your best bet. It’s a timeless favourite since it’s simple, with ergonomic design and is padded both on the seating area and backrest.

This gaming chair looks super attractive and also offers ultimate back support and comfort when sitting. It additionally comes pre-assembled, and this means that you can comfortably use this rocker gaming chair immediately after unboxing without any difficulties.

For easy storage, it’s foldable and compact. Users say it’s easy to maintain as the faux leather vinyl and bold mesh upholstery makes cleaning fast and straightforward. Also, the solid wood makes it durable by increasing the chair’s life.

Extra Features:

  • It’s fully assembled
  • Stylish and versatile gaming/computer chair
  • It comes in different colours


  • Ergonomically designed computer/gaming chair
  • Great padding with polyurethane foam for maximum comfort
  • The designer used premium-grade bold mesh upholstery and faux leather vinyl
  • Durable, stable, and attractive


  • The gaming chair is not suitable for plus size and height people

#5.  Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker

Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker


  • Measurements: H 32” × W 16” × D 21.5
  • Seat height: 6 inches
  • Colour: Red and Black


This rocker gaming chair is the last in our list from the Maker musak, the brightly coloured Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker. It’s also among the best cheap gaming chairs under $50 and is still top quality.

It’s ergonomic design yet simple, sleek look, the padded seating area, and backrest makes it the most promising computer/gaming chair currently in the market. The gaming chair already has positive reviews from customers, and its attractive design is still attracting attention.

The gaming chair is lightweight, stable, and highly durable. The modernized style and ergonomic design are said to be inspired by classic video rocker.

Extra Features:

  • The gaming chair features original classic video rocker design
  • The manufacturer did use premium grade fabric
  • It’s ideal for children four years and above


  • Ergonomically structured with attractive design for maximum comfort
  • Fully padded backrest and seat
  • It’s small therefore easy to carry around
  • Beautiful and sturdy to use in living and bedroom


  • You can get minimal information about the chair

Frequently Asked Questions

a)      What is the cost of a top-quality gaming chair?

The average cost of these rocker gaming chairs tends to vary depending on the build quality, company’s name, and premium grade materials. You can get gaming chairs in the market with a price range between $50 to $1400 or even more. Also, gaming chairs with fewer features are a bit cheaper.

However, the stylish, trendy, and fashionable brands are usually up to the peak of cost.

b)      Does mesh gaming chair provide maximum comfort?

Considerably yes, especially if the mesh gaming chair has an ergonomic design. For complete body comfort and support, mesh seats with a supportive design is ideal.

Therefore, manufacturers are putting more focus on mesh chair designs to provide maximum comfort, support, and health.

c)       How does top-quality gaming chair help posture?

A high-quality gaming chair not only helps in minimizing the adverse effect on your health of sitting for long hours, but also replacing it with comfort and utter cosiness.

Users feel more supportive and super comfortable in the gaming chairs with top quality even after spending long hours sitting.

Additionally, adjustable gaming chairs enable users to have a proper and desirable posture which helps with lasting comfort.

d)      Which kind of benefits do gaming chairs have?

Gaming chairs with ergonomic designs help provide proper posture to ensure you don’t end up with back and neck pains. Also, the incorporation of lumbar support in the chairs keeps the spine in a natural and aligned.

It additionally stimulates a better flow of blood in the body leading to excellent heart health. It also helps improve muscle stiffness.

e)      Which are the best cheap gaming chairs?

  • Crew Furniture Video Rocker – best chair for X box
  • Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker – best classic rocker style
  • Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker – best video rocker
  • Extreme X Rocker – best for PS4
  • LIFOOST Floor Gaming Chair – the best cheap gaming chair


According to the most common perception, it’s quite challenging to find high quality yet cheap gaming chairs. Out guide has five of the best cheap gaming chairs under $50 to aid in choosing your favourite upon requirements.

You can also check reviews of best chairs under $150 and best chairs under $100 to pick a gaming chair that suits you. You will get the best gaming chairs with amazing features worth your money.


Best Vortex Scopes

This article contains the best vortex scopes at fair prices. Expert customer service and fast shipping make Amazon the best place to buy what you need.  These are the best-selling vortex rifle scopes and vortex scopes of 2017! We have updated  this list with the newest additions of long-lasting vortex rifle scopes and vortex scopes product lines in the market.

Click any product link to view the expanded product details and features, read reviews or see larger images.

Vortex Banner 1.75-4×32 Cantilever Slug Gun scope (6 in. ER)

Works best when game is moving! Any trophy hunter will tell you that more tags are filled in low-light conditions than at any other time. So it makes good sense to have a scope like the vortex Banner 1.75-4x32mm slug gun scope with cantilever mount.

This scope simply excels in early-morning and late-evening light and with 6-inch eye relief, it’s ideal for slug guns. Featuring Dusk & Dawn Brightness (DDB) multi-coated lenses for extreme clarity and brightness in low light, the Banner cantilever slug gun scope will add precious minutes to every hunting day. And give you more trophies to hang on your wall!


  • High-performance features50-yard parallax setting
  • Circle-X reticle One-piece tube
  • 100 percent waterproof/fog-proof
  • Dry-nitrogen filled
  • 1/4 M.O.A. fingertip-resettable windage and elevation adjustment

Fast-focus eyepiece

Set your sights on the Bushnell Banner 1.75-4×32 slug gun scope and you’ll just plain aim better. And hit more of what you`re aiming at! For lens-cleanliness in the field, consider pre-moistened lens towelettes.

Vortex 7×50 Marine w/Illuminated Compass & Range finding Reticle Binoculars

Built with the mariner in mind, the Vortex 7×50 Marine binoculars with compass and range-finding reticle are standard equipment for boating sailing hunting and nearly any outdoor activity. The scopes deliver clear images in even the foulest weather conditions from fog rain and ice to saltwater spray.

Vortex Yardage Pro Legend Waterproof Rangefinder

Get accurate ranges! Sometimes it’s critical to know distance. When it is, you can rely on the Vortex Yardage Pro Legend Waterproof laser rangefinder to tell you. The Yardage Pro Legend will measure the distance to any target within its 930-yard range. And it’ll give you a digital readout – all at the speed of light!

Vortex Elite 4200 1.5-6×36 Matte Finish w/Rainguard –FireFly Reticle

Hit your target every time! The Vortex Elite 4200 1.5-6×36 riflescope with matte finish and FireFly reticle is one of the most innovative dependable and accurate scopes you can carry into the field. The scope features a Bushnell exclusive hydrophobic Rainguard.

Vortex 10×50 Elite Binoculars

Get elite views from Elite Binoculars! Vortex new 10×50 Elite binoculars are elite in every sense of the word. They’re made for the most exacting viewer and they deliver views that the most exacting viewer can love. Using more than 50 years of optics expertise, Vortex has engineered the completely new Elite binoculars from the ground up.

Vortex Medalist PinSeeker Golf Laser Rangefinder

The secret to a good round of golf is making accurate shots. This isn’t easy when the pin is competing with the trees around it for your rangefinder’s attention. So, next time you hit the links, take the new Vortex Medalist w/PinSeeker Golf Laser Rangefinder with you. This rangefinder features a compact design with the power you’ve always wanted.

Vortex Yardage Pro Elite 1500

Get the ultimate in accuracy! Sometimes it`s absolutely critical to know distance. And when it is, you can rely on the Vortex Yardage Pro Elite 1500 laser rangefinder to tell you.

Vortex Elite 1500 ARC Camo Laser Rangefinder

Vortex, the world leader in laser rangefinder technology has conquered every ballistic challenge with the push of a button. Introducing the Vortex Elite 1500 ARC Camo Laser Rangefinder with Angle Range Compensation (ARC). The scope’s remarkable technology accounts for terrain angle to give you an accurate shoots-like distance – all with the tap of a button.

Infrared Vs Incandescent Game Cameras – What’s Better?

For hunters and wildlife aficionados, its watching the animal/prey in its full glory that makes the day. Unfortunately, one can’t be always in the woods lying low for an unsuspecting game to pass by and that is where game cameras come into the picture. They take pictures at regular intervals or using sensors. Wildlife lovers can enjoy these pictures while trail hunters can make use of the data collected by the camera to track their prey. The biggest question for anyone interested in such a camera is what works best? Is it the infrared variety or the incandescent cameras?

Incandescent Cameras

The word incandescent basically means a normal flash bulb camera that flashes a bright light to capture images in full color with stunning clarity and brightness. Naturally, this kind of a camera is easy to spot by both humans and animals so expect a few spooked shots and scared games that never return to the same spot again. On the other hand their full color night shot makes them an ideal choice for naturalists who are only interested in clicking away pictures even when they can’t be physically present nearby. Many wildlife photographers prefer this type of a camera for its stunning full-color visuals.

The pros of an incandescent camera are naturally….

  • Quite inexpensive as they use crude flash and shutter technology to capture night images.
  • Day Time shots are visibly more stunning thanks to its slower shutter speeds and wider apertures.
  • Every night shot is in full contrast, color and vibrant.
  • Provides stunningly high resolution for those who want clarity.

But the cons of an incandescent camera, which make it a futile purchase for hunters are….

  • Less battery life as incandescent flash uses more energy.
  • Cannot record videos at night.
  • Spooks game and deters animals from entering the camera fitted zone.
  • Trigger is much slower and so can capture half shots or unfocused pictures of scared animals trying to skitter away.
  • Draws the attention of pawing thieves.

Infrared Cameras

The only difference between incandescent cameras and infrared ones is that the latter uses infrared light to take pictures. These flashes are invisible to the naked eye and animals seldom are aware of its existence. Most infrared game cams also allow video recording at night, which is possibly the biggest advantage of such cams. On the flipside, color pictures are available only in day time while night time pictures are monochromatic contrasts. Naturally, this kind of a camera is not something a naturalist or animal lover would want but its definitely what a hunter wants. You do not want to spook animals making forays into your territory if you plan on trailing them.

The pros of infrared cameras obviously are….

  • Faster shutter speeds allow for quick bursts of 2 to 10 pictures in 3 seconds.
  • Longer battery life as infrared LEDs uses less energy than normal flash bulbs.
  • Undetectable to animals and humans at night.
  • Silent operation with great monochromatic clarity.
  • Zero charging time in-between shots or continuous videos.

The cons of infrared cameras that make it unrealistic for naturalists are….

  • Resolution of night time shots is low with only black and white pictures.
  • Day time clarity lacks a bit but thankfully can be taken in color.
  • Night shots are blurry at times.

What’s Better:

Price should always be secondary to functionality and thus it’s the usefulness of a game camera that decides which is better for you. Therefore, if you want a camera to keep you on the trail and track game movement then infrared is a no-brainer but if its exquisite high resolution clicks then incandescent camera is a better option.

Bushnell Trophy Cam Review

The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam is one of the leading game cameras on the market currently. It features an 8-megapixel night vision trail camera with an invisible 32-LED flash for around the clock game scouting. The invisible flash has actually been made in line with scientific and technological advancements to ensure that animals and wildlife aren’t scared away by the flash once the photo has been taken.

Click Here to see what others are saying…

Our Bushnell Trophy Cam Review:

With a 45-foot PIT motion activated sensor and flash range, you’ll be sure to capture any movement, whether it’s at a distance or not. The field scan time-lapse technology of the Bushnell Trophy Cam allows you to setup presets to determine when images are automatically captured. You can also set the automatic image capture up in intervals. The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam features a high-quality full color resolution during the day, and black and white at night. Finally, the Bushnell Trail camera can capture up to 60 seconds of video at a time with audio, and comes compatible with a maximum 32GB SD Card.

Upon using the Bushnell Trophy Cam, we found that the image quality during the daylight is superb. We set it up and left it for 24 hours. When we came back, several hundred photos had been taken and each of them were superb. Unlike some of the other game cameras that we have tried, the Bushnell actually took crystal clear motionless photos. There was no blurring or lack of quality in the pictures. We also set the Bushnell up to record 60-seconds of video once an animal was spotted, and this was fine too. The pictures taken during the night-time were indeed black and white, but the quality wasn’t lacking. You can easily make out the animal through the black contrast of the background.

List of Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Features:

  • Equipped with LCD display with easy to read texts in black and white
  • Has a high quality resolution of 8 megapixel for that full color image
  • 32 LEDs for that invisible flash during nighttime
  • Has an auto sensor for capturing pictures even in fast motions
  • Designed with a sensor and flash range of 45 feet
  • Adjustable PIR for Low, Medium to High
  • Has a trigger speed capability of one second
  • The trigger interval can be programmed within 1 second up to an hour
  • Has a construction that is weatherproof
  • Has a SD card capability of 32GB
  • Battery can last for a year with every set


What really captivated us with the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam though is that the 45-foot PIT motion activated sensor is actually true to it’s words. Some of the photos looked like that were caught at a longer range than 45-feet, although this probably wasn’t the case. Either way, we’re extremely happy with the final quality of the Bushnell Trophy Cam Night Vision Trail Camera and we would recommend it to any photo enthusiast who loves to capture wildlife in the moment.

Where were can find the best price to buy this game camera?

Amazon currently has one of the lowest  prices on this game camera. However, the price may vary depending on which color you want. They are also offering FREE SHIPPING or many items, which is awesome. If you would like to learn more, or simply want to buy this game camera, Click Here.

Video of the trophy cam in action:

The Top 5 Must Have Racing Games for PlayStation 4 Gamers

If you’re a PlayStation game junkie like me, then this is going to be an interesting year to live. This year’s games will give you a roller coaster experience, whether you simply want to correct the wrongs of last year’s Formula One Championship, or cruse around Spa-Franco champs in a finely-tuned GT3 car. This best racing games review also got you covered if all you want this year is to be Lewis Hemilton, or to maneuver traffic in a chilled out Lamborghini. Definitely, you will not find these cars at your local car dealership. However, thank heavens for Microsoft! Put on your seatbelt and enjoy this review.

Driveclub – £17.95

When Evolution Studios first released this PS4 racer two years ago, it was the heartthrob of the game. Today, other racers have replaced it, especially when it comes to hyper-realistic handling, but it still remains the prettiest racer around…and now among the cheapest. It has remained a favorite for gamers obsessed with suspension settings or down force and features impressive weather effects. It may not have a huge garage like that of Forza 6, but if you’re more of a Ridge Racer than a Gran Turismo then this will definitely tickle your fancy.

DiRT Rally

This racer game is designed for people who prefer racing in mud as opposed to tarmac, and huge drops instead of Armco barriers. Dirt is not just your usual DiRT game, the rally here will take you back to sim-based rally routes. This racer game is powered with good handling and attention to detail, and has an option of more DLCs in the future. So even though it doesn’t have the official WRC game license, it’s till definitely worth the buy.

Project Cars: Game of the Year Edition – £19.32

This is the newest game racer in the PS4 gamers market, and one of the realest. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Bandai Namco, Project Cars, which was just released last year, it’s perfect for both casual and hardcore racers. It comes packed with an assortment of garage of ordinary supercars, the unfathomable Audi R18 e-tron quattro Le Mans car, the famous Sauber C9 and even has an option of adding more through DLC. But if you thought the cars are the only impressive feature of Project Cars, then you should get hold of it to experience the realistic handling, legendary visuals, and awe-inspiring sounds. The latest release from this phenomenon racer is the Game of the Year Edition, and it features 3 tracks over the original game as standard and over 50 additional cars.  With these, all you are left to have is a steering wheel, and your personal space where no one will start looking at you queerly once you start to race, because oh boy, you’re going to go crazy with this one.

Assetto Corsa – £30.96

Assetto Corsa, the long awaited racer that took months on Xbox One and PS3 finally came home to PS4 earlier this year.  And there is nothing like it, especially for ardent fans of racing Sims. I don’t even know where to begin with this, should I talk about the assortment of cars, or the Porsche Pack (which avails even more cars to drive), or the inclusion of both tracks to closer to home and obvious tracks?

F1 2016

And now to the crème de la crème, the newest version of the official Formula One game. This version has intricate details that were requested by fans, like improved career mode, manual starts and safety cars that differentiate it from F1 2015.

Primos Truth Cam 46 Review

“Its simple to use”, is the axiom in play with all Primos Truth Cams. They take their catch phrase seriously and with the Primos Truth Cam 46, there aren’t many confusing settings to deal with as it automatically chooses between night and day settings to trigger the infrared LED trail camera.

Using a total of 46 infrared LEDs, the night camera captures stunning visuals of the wildlife in pitch darkness, without ever alerting the game. Depending on how many LEDs you keep active (More the LEDs lesser the battery life), you can decide on the camera range with a maximum limitation of 50 foot. Trigger speed when coming out of sleep is a decent 1.5 second and in the active state it cuts down to just third of a second.

You can set the camera to 1 or 30 minute intervals and decide whether to click multi-bursts of 3, 5, 7 or even 9 images at a go. With the LED backlit screen and instructions neatly printed on the camera door you will never have to fumble around in the dark trying to set it up. The Primos Truth Cam 46 is camouflaged to blend well into the woods and can take up to 8GB SD card.

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Our Review:

Having used a few older generation infrared trail cameras, I had become acquainted to the limited field of vision and lack of configurability until I got the Primos Truth Cam 46. The Matrix camo finish is excellent and it actually does blend into its surroundings when fitted onto a tree or hung using the included hook strap. 46 LEDs provide sufficient range and illumination in the infrared region to capture some of the most spectacular night images with bucks and other game hardly aware of its presence. However, any animal that strays within 2 feet of the camera tends to notice its faint click but its not always, and so I hardly saw too many wasted pictures of alert animals skipping away. Now the Primos Turth Cam 46 batteries, once fully charged actually go on for over a week taking pictures with date, time, temperature, moon phase data in accordance with the preset configuration you set. Usually, it remains in sleep and wakes up every few minutes to take a click or two depending on what you set it to. In the burst mode, this camera does an excellent job. I captured a whole sequence of migrating birds in the background with a deer grazing lazily in full focus and every shot showed specific changes in details of both the flocking birds and the deer. This night/day camera is astonishingly clear and capable of taking high quality shots. Just don’t go by the hook strap they give you because its kind of cheaply made so it will be better if you think of securing it to the trunk using commercial grade mounting accessories.

Features and Specifications:

  • Camouflaged fatigues to ward away thieves and stay concealed from nearby animals.
  • Auto day/night infrared camera that has a total of 46 LED trail infrared lights.
  • Maximum night time range up to 50 feet.
  • Rechargeable batteries last over a week between charges and maybe more depending on number of infrared LEDs active.
  • 0.3 second shutter speed when active and 1.5 second when waking up from sleep.
  • Printed instructions on the door and bright LED backlit screen.
  • Maximum capacity up to 8GB SD cards.
  • Warranty coverage for 1 year inclusive.


The Primos Truth Cam 46 is priced as an introductory trail camera with plenty of features to keep wildlife aficionados and game lovers equally happy. Plenty of clarity, both in the day and night, make this an excellent camera to have on your massive property, be it to capture wild life at move or keep an eye on any vermin pestering around. It actually is easy to use and designed ruggedly to sustain any kind of weather, so that you can be sure of your investment when you choose the Primos Truth Cam 46.

Where is the best place to buy the Primos Truth Cam 46?

Among all the places that currently stack up on the Primos Truth Cam 46, seems like an excellent choice not only for the cool discounts on associated optics and other accessories for this cam but you might also get free shipping. Click here to see more or to buy one.