Bushnell Trophy Cam Review

Bushnell Trophy Cam Review

The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam is one of the leading game cameras on the market currently. It features an 8-megapixel night vision trail camera with an invisible 32-LED flash for around the clock game scouting. The invisible flash has actually been made in line with scientific and technological advancements to ensure that animals and wildlife aren’t scared away by the flash once the photo has been taken.

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Our Bushnell Trophy Cam Review:

With a 45-foot PIT motion activated sensor and flash range, you’ll be sure to capture any movement, whether it’s at a distance or not. The field scan time-lapse technology of the Bushnell Trophy Cam allows you to setup presets to determine when images are automatically captured. You can also set the automatic image capture up in intervals. The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam features a high-quality full color resolution during the day, and black and white at night. Finally, the Bushnell Trail camera can capture up to 60 seconds of video at a time with audio, and comes compatible with a maximum 32GB SD Card.

Upon using the Bushnell Trophy Cam, we found that the image quality during the daylight is superb. We set it up and left it for 24 hours. When we came back, several hundred photos had been taken and each of them were superb. Unlike some of the other game cameras that we have tried, the Bushnell actually took crystal clear motionless photos. There was no blurring or lack of quality in the pictures. We also set the Bushnell up to record 60-seconds of video once an animal was spotted, and this was fine too. The pictures taken during the night-time were indeed black and white, but the quality wasn’t lacking. You can easily make out the animal through the black contrast of the background.

List of Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Features:

  • Equipped with LCD display with easy to read texts in black and white
  • Has a high quality resolution of 8 megapixel for that full color image
  • 32 LEDs for that invisible flash during nighttime
  • Has an auto sensor for capturing pictures even in fast motions
  • Designed with a sensor and flash range of 45 feet
  • Adjustable PIR for Low, Medium to High
  • Has a trigger speed capability of one second
  • The trigger interval can be programmed within 1 second up to an hour
  • Has a construction that is weatherproof
  • Has a SD card capability of 32GB
  • Battery can last for a year with every set


What really captivated us with the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam though is that the 45-foot PIT motion activated sensor is actually true to it’s words. Some of the photos looked like that were caught at a longer range than 45-feet, although this probably wasn’t the case. Either way, we’re extremely happy with the final quality of the Bushnell Trophy Cam Night Vision Trail Camera and we would recommend it to any photo enthusiast who loves to capture wildlife in the moment.

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Video of the trophy cam in action:

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