Racing Games for PlayStation 4 Gamers

The Top 5 Must Have Racing Games for PlayStation 4 Gamers

If you’re a PlayStation game junkie like me, then this is going to be an interesting year to live. This year’s games will give you a roller coaster experience, whether you simply want to correct the wrongs of last year’s Formula One Championship, or cruse around Spa-Franco champs in a finely-tuned GT3 car. This best racing games review also got you covered if all you want this year is to be Lewis Hemilton, or to maneuver traffic in a chilled out Lamborghini. Definitely, you will not find these cars at your local car dealership. However, thank heavens for Microsoft! Put on your seatbelt and enjoy this review.

Driveclub – £17.95

When Evolution Studios first released this PS4 racer two years ago, it was the heartthrob of the game. Today, other racers have replaced it, especially when it comes to hyper-realistic handling, but it still remains the prettiest racer around…and now among the cheapest. It has remained a favorite for gamers obsessed with suspension settings or down force and features impressive weather effects. It may not have a huge garage like that of Forza 6, but if you’re more of a Ridge Racer than a Gran Turismo then this will definitely tickle your fancy.

DiRT Rally

This racer game is designed for people who prefer racing in mud as opposed to tarmac, and huge drops instead of Armco barriers. Dirt is not just your usual DiRT game, the rally here will take you back to sim-based rally routes. This racer game is powered with good handling and attention to detail, and has an option of more DLCs in the future. So even though it doesn’t have the official WRC game license, it’s till definitely worth the buy.

Project Cars: Game of the Year Edition – £19.32

This is the newest game racer in the PS4 gamers market, and one of the realest. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Bandai Namco, Project Cars, which was just released last year, it’s perfect for both casual and hardcore racers. It comes packed with an assortment of garage of ordinary supercars, the unfathomable Audi R18 e-tron quattro Le Mans car, the famous Sauber C9 and even has an option of adding more through DLC. But if you thought the cars are the only impressive feature of Project Cars, then you should get hold of it to experience the realistic handling, legendary visuals, and awe-inspiring sounds. The latest release from this phenomenon racer is the Game of the Year Edition, and it features 3 tracks over the original game as standard and over 50 additional cars.  With these, all you are left to have is a steering wheel, and your personal space where no one will start looking at you queerly once you start to race, because oh boy, you’re going to go crazy with this one.

Assetto Corsa – £30.96

Assetto Corsa, the long awaited racer that took months on Xbox One and PS3 finally came home to PS4 earlier this year.  And there is nothing like it, especially for ardent fans of racing Sims. I don’t even know where to begin with this, should I talk about the assortment of cars, or the Porsche Pack (which avails even more cars to drive), or the inclusion of both tracks to closer to home and obvious tracks?

F1 2016

And now to the crème de la crème, the newest version of the official Formula One game. This version has intricate details that were requested by fans, like improved career mode, manual starts and safety cars that differentiate it from F1 2015.

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